National Hints, by Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr

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Some ask, and say: The corruptors arrival and old faces is certain whether we elected or not.

Here is my answer: It is on several levels:

Level 1: If you voted, so this is mean your love to your country .. Whoever loves his country  will not hesitate to give his vote, and who did not give his vote , he gave up of country in his ordeal.

The country may need your voice and not less than the possibility.

Level 2 : If you participate and give your vote, this means obedience to your Hawza and you trust in .. This gives an impression before the enemy (corrupt) the strongsness of the reform camp

And that everything ordered by the leader is obeyed.

Level 3 : If you do not vote, it is more likely to remain the corruptors and return and they control on our lives.

Level  4 : We are in a battle with corruption and corruptors and the battle is still in place, and that you do not go to the poll is letdown the battle and surrender to the corruption and corruptors.

Level  5 : You are the owners of (reform issue) God's mercy who is works a good work and did it in perfect way (in content) .. So be the owners of determination and will and do not give up a huge project because of suspicions or fear.

Level  6 : If you participate in the elections, it means the arrival of a certain number of good ones.. The existence of this number as well as the large will provide faithful elements that disruptive the corruption and help for reform.

Level  7 : If you participate in the election, this means your victory and obedience to your Marjaeya  .. This in itself is something very good.

Level  8 : The refrain from election has a clear indication over  the destabilization of the democratic process and this gives a bad impression about  the civilized Iraqi people.

Level  9 : Your participation in the elections is a clear message to the occupation and terrorism that you are the only guider to the fate of Iraq and that Iraq is not managed from behind the border.

Level  10 : If you are not participate in the election, then the arrival of the corruptors is surly guaranteed , but if you elected and participated in melionist , although did not prevent the arrival of some old faces, but it reduces even with a certain percentage, in addition to the arrival of the faithful, which causes embarrassment to the corruptors .

Level  11 : If you did not participate in the elections and the corruptors arrived and re-ruled again .. You will inevitably blame yourselves and your conscience.

Level  12 : The participation in elections and electing of new faces reflect on the formation of the next government in terms of professionalism and competence.

Level  13 : The non-participation will make enemy gloated make them happy, but your participation in the melionist, electoral and  reformist it angers the enemy, and as the Almighty said : (It was not proper for the people of Medina and those around them from among the Arabs of the desert that they should have remained behind the Messenger of Allah or that they should have preferred their own lives to his. That is because there distresses them neither thirst nor fatigue nor hunger in the way of Allah, nor do they cause an enemy any injury whatsoever, but there is written down for them a good work on account of it. Surely, Allah suffers not the reward of those who do good to be lost. )

The people of Medina (Iraq) do not be lag behind the poll and do not want individual decisions about the decisions of Marjaeya or leadership but make the enemies of Iraq angers and do a good job.

 Muqtada Mohammed al Sadr