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Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr's administrative will for Sadr followers

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Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr's administrative will for Sadr followers

In the name of Almighty

Allah Almighty said: "Every soul shall taste death" 

I am the mortal slave, the most needy, who needs the mercy of his Lord, I am his servant Muqtada bin Muhammad al-Sadr, I say the following:

After the writing of the my personal will, I put in your hands this general (administrative) will and I made Allah the first witness and His messenger Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH)  and his household (PBUH) and all my ancestors as witness and I made you secondly witness on the items of this general will which I hope to be a light and an approach, whoever wants to abide it, I pray Allaah Almighty, that He may bind you with Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, and whoever does not want, Allah will forgive me and him and the believers in the Day of Judgment.

Allah Almighty has placed upon me the maintaining of the approach of fathers and grandparents in general and the approach of two martyrs Sadrain (the first Sadr and the second Sadr) especially more so than the road that my father (may Allah have mercy on him) paved it for me and you.

And thanks to Allah and to His mercy I was able to continue for a period of time with its difficulties and tribulations to continue this blessed path and the approach of Muhammad (PBUH) and  the approach of Sadrain the martyrs (may Allah have mercy on them) with all my strength and imperturbability. I pray Allah to forgive me my sins and increase my good deeds and forgive me my sins. Wishing him to join me with my father, grandfathers and my brothers the martyrs, he is the guardian of all grace and the end of every end.

I find it necessary for all loyal ones and the faithful believers who have removed the love of the world and hold on to the approach of Muhammad (PBUH) and the approach of Sadrain the martyrs (may Allah have mercy on them) to their elders, young men, their sheiks, and their wives and men, whether those who are close to us or those who have we not given their vision to continue and maintain this approach.

And the right path to have a straight path and clearance for them before Allah and His prophet and his household (PBU them all).

I hope that we will continue about what we have planned, the public and private systems and the bases and principles, and not to violate them ever, that is a covenant between you and Allah; But with your Marja'a, your father Al-Sadr, who sacrificed himself and his two sons for you.

Then I say:

First: I do not ask you for anything only the faithfulness and love to the rest of Al-Sadr family (may Allah protect them); they are most entitled to carry our flag, al-Sadr and grandfathers, to complete this bright march.

Second: All the dear brothers that their names were mentioned in internal system which is approved by me in 1437 AH , 2016 AC, have to continue work in accordance with this system, while adhering to all the controls they knew them from me and not to abandon them and the first of them is to aid and help those who are in need and advocacy of the oppressed and to be hostile against the people of falsehood and unbelievers, secondly is the cooperation among them and help to do their needs in secrecy and leave their differences aside, the religion of Allah is better to be served and Al-Sadr family deserves to be faithful for them.

I pray Allah Almighty to grant you steadfastness and our last prayer is all praises belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds 

Edited on 20 of first Jamadi 1438

Muqtada Al-Sadr





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