Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr addresses the Iraqi people on occasion of the victory on the terrorism in Iraq

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His Eminence Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr addressed today, December 11, 2017 the Iraqi people on occasion of the victory on the terrorism in Iraq.

"With the blood of martyrs and the pens of scholars and the efforts of good of our army, security forces, our brigades and Mujahedeen the epic of right has completed and it were lined the glorious tournament and sacrifices to declare today the day of victory for Iraq and the painters and sacrifices of Iraqis, today the heroes of Iraqis restored the usurped lands after it was sold in the last time by a bunch of corrupt and tyrants" His Eminence said.

"Today we have to stand with all pride and appreciation in front of ours Maragiea who are watered in their fingers and their instructions the tournament of Mujahdeen we inspired of them the approach of tournament and sacrifice" he said "today humbly we have to admit that Iraqi Army and our security forces returned to its prestige and strength after some wanted to harm it, so we must to preserve its prestige, strength and impose its control" His Eminence added.

In his speech Al-Sadr declared a several points about Saraya Alsalam to be applied:

"First: - the continuation to take care in the families of martyrs in honor to their blood and their great sacrifices.

Second: - The completion of treatment their injuries to return to their families and conduct their work safely.

Third: - working hard to find employment opportunities for them as soon as possible to keep them away from the vacuum and unemployment, which may cause public damage and not special damage.

Fourth: the integration of some elements in the Iraqi army or other security forces.

Fifth: - The brothers in Saraya Al Salam will remain in Samarra to another notice and in full coordination with the state, for the sanctity of the place and the sensitivity of the security and military situation in even after being transferred within the security forces.

Sixth: - they must get appropriate reward materially and morally as much as possible."

Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr called members of Saraya Al Salam should commit the following:

"First: handing over the state's arms to the state as soon as possible.

Second: The Closing of most their headquarters, except the central ones to benefit from in the service, humanitarian and civil work and under the direct supervision of the jihadist assistant and in coordination with the Private Office.

Third: the hand over the liberated sites except Samarra to the official security forces within a maximum period of forty five days.

Fourth: Iraq's exiting from Article VII requires the freezing of the work of all our former military organizations to another notice or until we show the truth of Iraq's independence in all aspects.

Fifth: To separate the issue of (Al-Quds) from Iraq and to work in strict secrecy, while not harming Iraq, its people and its government."

 Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr asked government of Iraq to note the following:

 "First: Prevent the use of the title of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in the elections at all.

Second: Prevent the involvement of leaders of the PMU with their titles in the elections.

Third: To remove the uncontrolled elements from integration into the security forces or even others, but to work to punish some of them, all that in order to preserve the prestige of jihad and the Mujahideen and the blood of their martyrs and their families, God bless them and support them with his blessing.

Fourth: The starting in opening an investigation file of falling Mosul and the rest of the provinces as well as in the massacre of Speicher and Saqlawiyah and others.

Fifth: The work to empower and strengthen the security forces of all formations to protect all governorates as well as government facilities such as ports, borders and airports, but never to hand over them to other parties.

Sixth, the brother Abadi should start directly to prosecute the corruptors without targeting one side without another and work on basic reforms to complete the joy of victory over terrorism by defeating corruption, and we are ready to cooperate in this regard".

 Finally, al-Sadr advised "all brothers in the popular mobilization units PMU to limit the weapons to the state and to strengthen its centrality by enabling it to impose its control over all Iraqi territory without interfering in its work".