| Questions and Answers | His Eminece Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr replies to question on the crime of killing three people in US by exremist American man

His Eminece Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr replies to question on the crime of killing three people in US by exremist American man

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His Eminece Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr replies to question on the crime of killing three people in US by exremist American man

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18/02/2016 20:15:59
this kind of posturing, elsacielpy when there is plenty of invective that is true about al-sadr is counter productive and dangerous.al-sadr has survived saddam, the iranians, the saudi's and the israelis who have all, at one time or another, made attempts on his life. he is far less of an iranian stooge than al-maliki. he's nobody's stooge. he is also a survivor. if al-sadr gave the word tonight there would be 40,000 armed and angry men in the streets of iraq tomorrow.we will need his permission and co-operation to leave without a bloodbath along the lines of la noche triste or bataan. it would be wise not to piss him off.he has been the de facto head of state in the south of iraq for the last four years. despite two proclomations of "dead or alive" from sanchez and bremer.while the bible does say "the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong" that is always how the smart money bets.right now the smart money is on moktada.
02/03/2016 09:12:11
Amen! Sister Barbara! The trouble we face is how to speak out<a href="http://bykbqarqz.com"> sonlrgty</a> without being politically marginalized by the cowards. One suggestion I have is to not back down when the leftists counterattack. We may from time to time commit an error of rhetorical excess. If it can possibly be done, I would argue explain it away instead of retracting. Only admit you are wrong as the last resort. It's not exactly like the left ever admits it was wrong. I haven't seen many apologies for the left's behavior during the Cold War. Their actions were far worse than even the worst rhetorical excess.I feel compelled to emphasize the argument above is not the same argument often seen in far rightist circles (e.g. WSJ editorial page) and far leftist circles (e. g. dailyKos). These circles argue that the political parties most affiliated with them should take the most extreme possible view and never compromise. That argument is simply lunatic. Politics is a game played in a multidimensional space and both parties have good and bad ideas. Democracy is the search for the best possible answers in that multidimensional space. Political parties should compromise in a statesmen like way and help us find the best solutions. Our political goal is very different from an extremist groups like WSJ editorialists and dailyKos. Our goal is to rally people to our side, because our cause is noble. We simply want Western civilization to find some spine and save itself (and other civilizations) from Islam. This is not to deny that when we face the problem of exactly what, we end up playing that multidimensional political game. Let's worry about that when we have more power. For now, we just should just offer our best thoughts on everyone else' ideas--even those we think are nearly lunatic.
02/03/2016 14:32:36
Hi LD. Wow, thanks. I've been tiyrng to find out just what Muqtada has been up to lately but it's almost as though he's disappeared except when he surfaces of periodic, brief statements. He's a guy keenly aware of timing and the struggle he faces to grab power in Iraq when the first opportunity arises. This pre-election interval presents some opportunities to the ambitious in Iraq. Watch to see whether the US really pulls many of its soldiers before the year end.Cheers http://kdngbxpp.com tlbclpmkj [link=http://xexfgqckt.com]xexfgqckt[/link]
17/11/2016 06:34:49
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